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This is Kevin's official "going away" thank you photo with President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office of The White House's West Wing. White House Social Aides who worked as Social Aides for at least one year and left in good graces received a one-minute appointment with the President in the Oval Office where the "thank you photo" would be taken. In addition to this photo and a thank you letter from the President, Social Aides also received a "Presidential Service Pin" (lapel pin) indicating having served the President of the United States directly. The photo, the letter, and the Presidential Service Pin are among Kevin's most prized possessions.


Kevin serves as "Pull Off Aide" to First Lady Hillary Clinton at reception in East Room of The White House. The First Lady's guest in this photo is the concert violinist, Isaac Stern.


Kevin (then-Captain Gerfen) and U.S. Navy Lieutenant Tim Wolfe depart the Oval Office after arranging a very impromptu receiving line in June 1993. At the end of a Rose Garden ceremony (immediately outside the Oval Office) for a reunion of Boys Nation participants of many years before, the men attending the reception asked President Clinton if they could see the Oval Office, so President Clinton turned to us and asked us to set up a receiving line. This photo was snapped just as it ended as President Clinton was thanking us for our work. The red cup in Kevin's hand is the President's water cup that Kevin handed to him at the podium when he asked for it--it was a hot summer's day, around noon. (Kevin still has the cup.)


Kevin serves as "Whisper Aide" to First Lady Hillary Clinton at a receiving line in the East Room of The White House at a State Dinner for the President and First Lady of the Republic of Korea. It was Kevin's job to whisper into her ear the name of each guest as he/she came to her. Kevin got the name of each guest from another aide, the "Relay Aide" whose job it was to listen to the name whispered into President Clinton's ear, then relay the name to Kevin at the appropriate time. The man in the tuxedo at Kevin's left (on the right in this picture) is the ROK President. The man (shoulders and dark hair) just behind the ROK President is his Korean security agent (bodyguard).


A posed photo with President & Mrs. George H. W. Bush ("Bush 41") in the Map Room on the Ground Floor of the White House at the end of a receiving line during a White House Reception in January 1993. Capt Kevin Gerfen, USAF, is on First Lady Barbara Bush’s left. His duty for this part of the evening was as Mrs. Bush’s “pull off aide.” This photo constituted President & Mrs. Bush’s “thank you photo” for these two social aides.


Kevin follows First Lady Barbara Bush, ready to offer assistance, at a reception in The White House during the presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush ("Bush 41").